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“Gione you came highly recommended, and by some miracle still available – hooray! After staying up until 2am one ‘school night’ and watching your videos, we instantly knew you would be the one! I also felt instantly comfortable with your emails, you took a lot of time to send lengthy replies and I warmed to your enthusiasm and kindness instantly. Your films tell a story and not just show scenes from the day – they have emotion and soul to them.” (Jess Allen-Theasby)

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Jess and Ash got married in Jess’ family home in Cornwall in October 2016. Jess and her Dad spent many months excitedly preparing their home and grounds for this intimate Cornwall wedding. Jess is a graphic designer so attention to detail is everything and she added lots of fun features from badges, to retro signage and a personalised reclaimed bar!

As with a lot of people, having a wedding video was initially considered a luxury rather than an essential. But after putting so much blood sweat and tears into the preparations they just knew that they didn’t want to miss a single thing! So the last minute quest for a wedding videographer began!

cornwall wedding videographer

Choosing to get married at the family home

(By Jess)

After visiting various local wedding venues, we decided there really isn’t anywhere better, or more personal to us than having our wedding at home, so the challenge to transform the old overgrown walled garden into our wedding venue began! I also love that I got to experience creating this special day from start to finish with my dad, who is extremely important to me.

Harlyn House is a large rambling house dating back to 1520, and has since been adapted and extended, with each generation leaving a definable mark. The stone barreled pigeon tower “dovecote” is the only example in Cornwall and possibly the UK, and the “Ha Ha!” at the front of the house was a fashionable addition to the house in the 18th century.

Our favourite feature however, is the walled garden! There is date stone “1831” on the arch above where we will be reciting our vows. Originally (some 185 years ago!) it would have had a formal arrangement with paths through the garden and a sundial in the centre. Jess’ great uncle was believed to have used it as a pleasure garden and also for growing of fruit. There are even a few apple trees still remaining!

Until a few months before the big day, when we decided to use the garden as our wedding venue, it was completely overgrown, including the area outside the walled garden where the ceremony took place and the paddock area.

We all worked really hard to get it cleared, ploughed and re-seeded since so that we could get it on its way back to being a garden again. We absolutely love it up there; it is so calm and peaceful. We felt very lucky to be celebrating our special day here – somewhere that no one has ever been fortunate enough to call their wedding venue.

cornwall wedding videographer

Proposal at home

(By Ash)

Jess and I got engaged on Christmas Eve.

We had been talking about getting married for a couple of months before I popped the big question and as such had started doing the tours of the jewellery shops and internet to get an idea of what ring she might like. The problem was Jessica changed her mind every time we saw a different ring – whatever we were looking at at that moment was her favourite! Needless to say this left me in a bit of a quandary as we weren’t really making any progress so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found an awesome jewellery shop in Truro called ‘Canary Blue’ run by a nice guy called Richard – he said he would help me to design my own ring for Jessica and then he would make it – so that’s exactly what I did!

The plan was to get the ring made to exactly how I wanted and then propose on Christmas day, unfortunately time scales were tight as Richard needed about 6 weeks to make the ring, after I’d designed it and I’d managed to leave it to only about 4 weeks before Christmas. Thankfully Richard pulled out all the stops and I collected the ring from him at about 5pm on Christmas Eve (so just in the nick of time to pull off my plan of the Christmas Day proposal!)

I had planned to put up a tree in St Newlyn East woods at the spot where we had first said “I love you” but due to the torrential rain and flooding that we had had, that just wasn’t an option so as an alternative I had planned to wrap the ring up and hide it in the tree ready for Christmas morning. As it worked out though, I’d only had the ring a few hours and it was already burning a whole in my pocket, so when Jessica came over on Christmas Eve (and despite her demanding I attend to a sack full of unwrapped presents) I decided I was just too excited, and couldn’t wait a minute longer, so I got down on one knee in front of the fire with our Christmas tunes on and popped the question! Luckily she made my dreams come true and said yes (after some jumping around and squealing).

cornwall wedding videographer

A Dream Home

Jess and Ash plan to build their dream home one day for their own family! Ash has built his own home before and Jess loves interior design so their plan is to build a “unique and inspirational” home together.

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