Will my film feature on your website?
Some people prefer to keep their film private and I respect that. Furthermore, not all the films I create will feature on my website as I will only show a select few. These will showcase a range of styles, without overloading the viewer with everything I have ever done! You will still get an amazing film no matter what. Although I hold the intellectual rights to the film, I have no problem with you showing the film anywhere.

How long does it take for you to deliver the final product?
The editing process is when the magic happens! I tend to spend a great amount of time going through the footage and carefully crafting my films. This process takes time. However, I do understand you will be excited and eager to watch your film. For that reason, I will try my best to deliver highlights within 3 months and the final film between 4 to 6 months.

How does the payment work? Do you need a booking fee? Is it refundable?
We make it as easy as possible for you. You don’t need to pay it in full straight away. I normally take 1/3 of the payment at booking and that is not refundable. This is to secure the date as I will not be able to take on other assignments. I then require the next payments to be in 2 months before the wedding day.

Can you travel anywhere in the UK or abroad to take on my assignment?
Yes, definitely. I would love to hear your plans about destination assignments. I am happy to cover anywhere in the world. Please get in touch and I can give you more details about prices and arrangements.

How long will my cinematic short form film be?
The wedding films I produce are pieces of artwork. Therefore I cannot specify exactly how long it will be. It is all about how much content that can be captured. It will also depend on the number of shooters.

Nonetheless, for standard weddings, I can guarantee to deliver something that will be between 15-20 minutes long. This is, of course, if everything goes according to plan and the church or venue has no restrictions to filming. In some cases, for instance, if you are doing a first look, gift exchange, vows and speech preparation, rehearsal dinner, guys gathering, games, bridal party get together, etc. I can guarantee your film will be longer than 20 minutes; possibly around 25-30 minutes.

Do you shoot alone or do you have an assistant or second shooter?
For my basic service, you will get one shooter only – me! However, I understand that sometimes you want more to be covered and if you are planning on having more content, I highly recommend you commission one of my shooters as extra to the service. This will guarantee more content and more possibilities in post. I may have an assistant with me and you will not have to pay for that. I will liaise with you and you will not have surprises on your big day. If you want to know more about commissioning extra shooters, please get in touch.

Can you do me a long form video like the old days of videography?
Unfortunately, I do not offer that option. I strive for quality and artistry in my assignments and I want to be proud of my work. In the same way, I want you to be proud of your film and be able to show it to whoever you want and see their excited reactions. However, you can choose to have a copy of the full ceremony and speeches as extras and those will be shown in full (long form) like video, but in HD.

What is the difference between video and film?
Essentially, they are the same thing. However, in this context, a film is something that resembles Hollywood movies, with fast cuts, use of different and interesting angles, close-ups, etc. Film is also crafted to engage the viewer, making use of pacing, beats, time shifting, appropriate soundtrack and narrative. In the end, a film will play with your emotions; you may laugh, you may cry, it can all change in an instant.

A video in this context is what is often also called “tripod shooting”. There are few variations of the same scene and the story is told in an old-fashioned linear style. Often, there will be no tripod at all and the filming will be done completely with hand held cameras – like a home movie. This is alright for some, but its creative potential is very limited and it can’t produce the same level of emotional engagement and intelligent cinematic artistry of a Gione da Silva Images film.

What is a short form film?
In the context of the wedding industry, short forms are short films between 10 and 25 minutes. Since the DSLR revolution this became common practice amongst wedding filmmakers/cinematographers. It is a compelling way to portray a wedding day, making use of Hollywood cinematic techniques such as time shifting, keeping the viewer engaged whilst maintaining a true representation of the wedding day.

What is the process of having a wedding film made for me?
Firstly, we’ll meet, either in person, or if you’d prefer, via Skype, so I can get to know a little about you and you can find out more about me too. You’ll be the main focus of the film and it’s your story I’ll be telling, so this part is really important. Next, we’ll discuss your wedding plans and I’ll always contact you before the big day to reassure you and confirm any details. The filming of your wedding day is then done with professionalism and sensitivity. Next comes the extensive and careful editing process – within 3 months you’ll receive a highlights film, with the full film delivered usually within a further 3 months later.