Paris Wedding Video Event Filmmaking – French Wedding Style Canapés e Soiree




As a wedding videographer and a person who enjoys travelling, I really jumped on this opportunity to film the French Wedding Style blog’s Canapes and Soiree in Paris. When Monique approached me with the idea, there was no way I could say no. It was an amazing experience visiting Paris for the first time and at the same time having the opportunity to meet so many interesting people that I now have the pleasure to call friends. The French Wedding Style is definitely a family that I am proud to be part of. During this event it was clearly evident how supportive this community is and I can’t wait to work with many of my ‘brothers and sisters’! ☺

Shooting weddings abroad has always been something that excites me and France definitely has its attraction. Billy of Luxe Paris Events puts it nicely and eloquently: there is something about this place… it doesn’t try to be beautiful, it just is!

I arrived in Paris 2 days before the event, as I really wanted to dig deep and get to know the place well enough to try and capture the essence of the place and the French culture in general. It’s definitely a tough task to deliver it in 3 minutes but I had a lot of fun trying!

I was really fascinated by all the historic and beautiful places that I had only seen on movies and history books while in college, back in Brazil. Now, I have no doubt Paris is the city of love and a truly inspiring place.

I think I have one of the best jobs in the world! Who can say they travel around meeting awesome people and documenting interesting things such as cool events, beautiful weddings, scintillanting and atmospheric parties? Well… I can! ☺

I really look forward to shooting more weddings abroad and documenting amazing events in many great locations such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, USA, Asia and who knows, my home turf: South America!

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