Space, Sounds and Seaweed

A little abstract concept I shot with the great Alejandro Calore of Real & Short, incorporating some of his ideas on audio-visual language, where we explore the beauty of natural sounds, the cinematographers world (the frame) and natural beauty, letting things happen within the frame.

This is a completely new world to me in terms of approach and how to film things. Very interesting concept and I had lots of fun creating this!

A man, a camera, a point of view!

One Sony A7s, Canon 50mm 1.2 and Canon 135mm 2.0, Manfrotto Tripod.
Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro.
Shot in cine2 movie colour (+0.7 exposure)
Graded with a custom LUT by Ari Morales
Grain added with Filmconvert.
Song ‘Red Sky’ licensed through

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