Planning a wedding? What is really important? Is a wedding film important?

Planning a wedding, even when you have a wedding planner involved, is a difficult task. Needless to say, it is a costly task too! We all know how expensive things can be in this industry. I am sure you’ve heard the story of that supplier who charges x for a ‘normal’ event and 4 times x for a wedding! It’s a reality and we may just need to learn to live with it.

Love will find a way

We always find a way if we really want something

Therefore, we all face that conundrum of what to cut off in order to fit the budget. In my experience, as a married person and as a wedding filmmaker, I believe we need to prioritise what is really important to us. But what is important? How do I get to that minimalist list without fearing I have left out yet another important thing? Trust your gut feeling

Based on psychological studies (please don’t quote me, I am sure I’ve read this somewhere! 🙂 ), we tend to treasure what evokes our emotions. Those are the things that you will never forget, the things that will make you smile, laugh, cry, etc… They create unique experiences that alone are more important than material goods (think about the little kid that prefers to play with the cardboard instead of the expensive toy!).

Think about a wedding film. You might decide your budget is too low and a wedding film is not important. Experience tells us that it’s exactly the opposite: A wedding film is one of the most important features of your wedding day. Through a good film, you will have professional use of natural sounds, beautiful imagery, beautifully spoken words and more than anything a story!

We have all seen those bad ‘cheesy’ wedding videos that makes us cringe when we watch them. And why does it make us feel this way? It’s because they don’t evoke our (good) emotions! They are not well told stories! They are merely coverage of someone’s day that has nothing to do with us. They show the same old thing and in the end, we just feel like fast forwarding it. It is a waste of time!

As humans, stories are part of us! Why do we like jokes so much? Because they are mini stories! And, do you know the subject/person in that joke? Most probably not! This means, a good story should entertain anybody, whether or not you are related to the subject of that story. Here it is! This is how you define what is important, and in a nutshell, how you are going to decide who is going to tell your story through a wedding film! 🙂

I would strongly recommend you watch at least three of their films and highlights. First, just try to feel it. Does it evoke any emotions? How do you feel? How would you feel if that was your film? Does it make you smile, laugh, cry? If so, I am pretty sure you’ve gone through the whole film and did not even notice the time! Why did that happen? Simply because you were immersed, engaged in that story! From this point, I would say, look noThe important things in life involves peoplefurther, you’ve found your match! However, you may want to look for technical things too, such as their style, their images, the colour in their film (does everything look orange, too bright, too dark?). How about the audio, can you hear natural sounds? How about those beautifully spoken words, are they clear and understandabHappiness comes from making others happyle? Also, think about the music bed (the soundtrack), did you notice it? If you did, they are probably not great! The idea is that it goes by unnoticed, just enhancing your experience. This may sound too geeky, but how about the pace? Do you feel like in an emotional roller-coaster? That is a good thing! If not, I would say, the pace is probably not right.

Now, let’s come back to the subject of what is important. Think about this: are you willing to pay for what really means something to you? Think of a loved one. Now, think about something they love. They have expensive taste. But hey, if they get that thing, they will be so happy, and consequently you will be really happy too! So… what do you do? I know the answer: You get what makes them (and you) happy! This is human nature! We love to make people happy! You see, what I am coming to? Happiness has no price! You pay for it because of happiness (again, an emotion evoked). Now, think about the exact opposite: You decide to go cheap and give them something ‘similar’ to what your loved one wanted. Can you visualise it? I can… No happy ending! No beautiful emotions evoked. You’ve got what you’ve paid for.

I always like to relate how important something is, to what it means to us. We all like quality stuff, don’t we? Of course, quality is not always something essential, but if we add value and quality to something, it means it is important to us and therefore meaningful! So, what is really important? It is something that we place value to, something that evokes our emotions, something that provides us with a great experience, and something that brings happiness to our loved ones! Are you willing to compromise on what is important to you and your loved ones? I hope not. With that in mind, consider a great wedding film and how important that is to you and your loved ones.

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