All my wedding videos are films about people and their stories. It’s what makes each one compelling and entirely unique. I am based on the Suffolk and Essex border and I am able to travel across the South East, the UK and overseas.




Amid all the beauty, the laughter, the love and tears of any wedding day, my task is really quite simple – to create a celebration of you in a beautiful film created in my unique style of wedding videography. A wedding video that tells the story of your love and expresses who you are. In a day that takes so much careful planning and is gone in a flash, I strive to capture those special moments as they happen. It means being alive to the present, honouring the past, creating real treasures for the future. It means transforming the events of one very special day into a truly living, lasting memory. My work has taken me to many wedding venues across Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire as well as other parts of the UK and even abroad capturing magical videos for you to treasure.

I believe every one of us has a unique and interesting story that deserves to be told. My clients are more than just their wedding. I see their beauty, their depth and their complexity! My wedding videography just happens to be this collection of artful shots portraying the lovely stories of these amazing people that get to inspire me and fuel my creative vision. Would you like to be part of this? 🙂

 Everything is constantly evolving and it’s no different for me. There used to be a time where I, as a wedding video maker, used to rock up carrying a ton of gear and meaningless toys, making your wedding look like a TV set! I am glad to say, that time is over! I now approach wedding videography in a very discrete and relaxed way. I am more interested in documenting your day and letting you have fun! I will not ask you to pose or do silly stuff that will only serve to embarrass you. You dictate the pace; I will be there to document it!

Wedding videography itself has evolved a lot too! There are a lot of us around and to be honest, many of us doing the same stuff. I really feel your pain when coming to choose the right videographer. For me,  the experience is of utmost importance! If you connect with someone and feel you are going to have a great time around them (i.e. they will not be hassling you on your big day), there’s a great chance that is the right videographer.

 I’ve had the pleasure to film weddings all over the UK and abroad but I mainly work in and around Essex and Suffolk. I’ve had some amazing experiences that have helped shape who I am and why I do this. My focus has completely shifted: I am interested in friendships and people who I can connect with. I only take a limited number of assignments every year so I still enjoy every wedding!

 I am based in sunny Suffolk, just at the border with Essex, but thanks to globalization and technology, I can be anywhere in no time! So whether you are just nearby in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex or London, or for that matter anywhere in the world, I would love to hear from you!