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It’s really important that my couples get to understand how I feel about documenting through photography. I was looking for the perfect way to describe my intention but without writing hundreds of words on my about page which would be equally both as boring for myself to write and couples to read, after a while I figured that one of the most effective ways was through a video.

I’m good friends with Gione, a professional in the wedding industry and somebody that I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with. I’m familiar with his incredible work and have trust in his professional opinions. He’s also a remarkable storyteller and his warm personality brings out the best in everybody he comes into contact with.

I approached Gione and commissioned him to create me a short reel which I could use on my website.

Gione worked around our family and was a pleasure to welcome into our home. He was with us for about 6 hours, and we carried on as usual; taking the dog out, out for food, and even putting Imogen to bed.

I had no idea what Gione would create from the chaos of documenting our family for the day. and we were completely blown away by his final video. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity. The 01:45 short perfectly describes my journey into the world of photography, my inspirations and reasons to chase creative excellence. Following us around, Gione has poetically captured my wife, daughter and dog in a way in which a thousand words could never achieve.

Since only a few months after going live with the video on my site all of my current couples (and new bookings) have talked about my video, and how it gave them a great perspective on what I’m like as a person. The compliments have been incredible, in particular with one bride said that the video was the decision maker.

For any photographers out there who want help with connecting with their perfect couples it’s a no-brainer. The best investment of 2016.

See more of Aaron’s work at Storry Photography.


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