Drapers’ Hall Elegant London Wedding Video – Charlotte + Matthew




A December wedding was perfect for this inspiring and beautiful couple whose story began at a Christmas party. The location of their wedding also represented who there are. These two busy Londoners held their wedding at some iconic and historic locations in London, including the Rookery hotel, church of St. Bartholomew the Great and Drapers’ Hall. The wedding was elegant and classy. Guests were dressed in a mixture of modern and traditional styles and throughout the day had a great amount of fun!

Charlotte’s taste in art and beauty was evident through the wedding preparations. She oversaw the organisation of this wedding and despite it being a large event the wedding still had a very personal touch. A lot of great suppliers were involved, and some great craftsmanship was displayed. Charlotte’s friend, artist Kim Sears (Also Andy Murray’s wife) drew all the table decorations individually by hand and they were just stunning! And Charlotte herself made an impressive model of the church of St. Bartholomew the Great in gingerbread! Wonderful!

Charlotte and Matthew are a talented young couple. Matt is described by his friends as a mathematical genius and is a high profile accountant. Charlotte, as well as being a doctor, is also an accomplished musician. She plays the piano, the harp and sings. And they are a couple so clearly in love! Matt’s devotion to Charlotte was evident throughout the day but most especially while delivering his speech. Everyone got a bit emotional! Definitely a reach for the tissue box moment! And Charlotte was radiant and so full of energy throughout the day; her joy was undeniable.

So how does a busy London couple like to relax at the weekend? Especially now the busy wedding preparation time is over! Although they live in central London, they tend to like to get out of the city at the weekend. They like to go to Guildford (where Matt’s parents live), Sussex (home of Charlotte’s parents) or Norfolk where Charlotte’s parents have a holiday home. Sunday is normally just spent relaxing, going on a long walk and cooking a big meal to have with some good wine. Charlotte loves being in front of the fire where they tend to just relax, maybe watch a film and try not to think about work the next day! They do lead busy lives and as a consequence, they seem to make the most out of the time they spend together. We wish them all the happiness they deserve in their married life together!

It was an absolute pleasure being part of such a special day and having the opportunity to tell their story through my camera point of view.

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