From New York to Wiltshire Wedding Video // Katie + Tom


Katie and Tom currently live in Brooklyn, New York, USA. When not at work, they often spend their time on the beach, Tom surfing, Katie reading, or pottering around their neighborhood in Brooklyn, wandering in and out of little shops. They watch films and listen to blues. He proposed to her in Central Park at Christmas time. They sound like real ‘New Yorkers’!

But they came back home to have their wedding in Wiltshire, England, in a magical place which is as equally exceptional as New York, but in a different way! The wedding took place at Katie’s local church, Ramsbury Church, and the reception was held in the idyllic realm of her family home: The Old Mill. This is where Katie grew up from the age of 9. It is a beautiful old mill house, surrounded by water that runs around and under the house. It is truly one of the most charming and uplifting places! Katie’s mother is a very talented gardener and so she has brought charm and life and an almost imperfect, non-manicured beauty to the surroundings of the house. Tom has also spent much time here. He loves fishing in the river, catching crayfish and eating outside. Such an incredibly beautiful place to have a wedding, and of course, the place is special to the couple too.

Love, friends and family are what are important to Katie. She believes in “letting people know you love them, being there when they need you and being present in the moment (even though we live very far away in New York)”. She also likes “helping people who most need help” (She works in prison rehabilitation work) and “finding the humour in the ridiculousness that is life”. The wedding day, especially the speeches, seemed to encapsulate everything that Katie loves about life. And it was this that Katie believed we could capture in their film. She said, ‘I believe you will be able to capture the emotion, the characters and the special moments of the day, while also showing the beauty of the garden setting.’ A perfect, traditional English wedding with some unique decorative touches, impromptu outdoor speeches, including one by the bride herself, in her family home in Wiltshire!

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