From Perth and New Zealand to Hampton Manor Birmingham Wedding Video – Jenna + Aaron



It is amazing when two cultures meet! I myself come from mixed background and am married to a beautiful English lady (and I am Brazilian)! As you can imagine, cultures clash, differentiate and also a lot of times, complement each other! I believe if one is open minded and willing to explore, there’s a lot out there to be found. Jenna and Aaron sure found what (shall I say who?) they were looking for! Who could imagine that out of an encounter in a hostel in Vietnam, two people from completely different places would end up in love and married!?! Well, it’s not really an impossibility, it’s just not that usual! 🙂

Jenna and Aaron are very keen travellers and have lived at many places around the world. It’s amazing how their chemistry and connection can be seen in the first minute you spend with them. They now live in Perth  but for those who know them, maybe Perth is only their provisory place. Who knows where they will live next!?! This is what happens when you have a passion for traveling and hunger to know the world. Amazingly enough they both share this and many other passions. I think this is what make them such a special and fun couple. They just love to live and that energy is certainly in the air when you are around them (Aaron gave Jenna a surprise gift during his speech – A parachute jump from 15000 metres!!!). I had an amazing time shooting their wedding in Birmingham at Hampton Manor. The day just went so quickly! I still can remember the banter, the laughs and all the fun stuff throughout the day.

I always talk about connection as an important deciding factor when hiring someone to work with. Although I cannot talk for Jenna and Aaron, I can certainly say that for me we definitely had a great connection. Through the Skype calls trying to organise things to many emails, we got to know each other and that really gave me an edge when shooting their wedding and editing their film. If you know them, you can clearly see their personality and vibrancy coming through all aspects of their film. Now, I can’t wait to travel to Perth or for that matter anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, to tell some amazing stories through my wedding videos.

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