Richmond London Wedding Video // Victoria + Rhys


I am always amazed by the variety one can find in London! If you watch this wedding video without being told, I think it would be difficult to guess it was London wedding video, unless of course, you know the area! This beautiful wedding happened in Richmond. What a stunning location!

Victoria was so thoughtful and really nailed the details! You can see her accurate taste throughout the film.

This was one of those very relaxed weddings where a lot of family members were involved. Victoria got ready at her sister’s house, which is really well designed with big rooms and amazing natural light coming through all corners! A dream for me as that is really my favourite type of light! Meanwhile Rhys was opening his beautiful gift and enjoying a pint with his groomsmen at the local pub!

Victoria and Rhys met at a ball in Wandsworth. Victoria saw Rhys, ‘shot gunned’ him and from there, the rest is history as they say! 🙂

You can clearly see how they complement each other, Victoria more energetic and up beat, Rhys more thoughtful and calm. Their love to each other is also undeniable. It was a pleasure seeing their interaction and expressions of love during the couple’s portrait session. I have no doubt they will build a strong family and continue to support and love each other.

I can’t wait to return to London and continue to be surprised by the variety and beauty while shooting weddings, telling stories and building long lasting friendships.

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