Wedding and Portrait Photography Woking

Photography has always been one of my passions and to be honest it’s the reason why I love filmmaking so much. It’s amazing how much can be said in one single photo. I really admire wedding  and portrait photographers that can tell stories through their still images. As a filmmaker, I have a lot of things in my arsenal to dab into to help me tell the story and audio and motion are the first ones that come to mind. Nonetheless, it’s completely possible to add motion and even a sense of sound to still photography. This may sound crazy but if you look at an image for a little while, try to internalise and ‘feel’ the surroundings, somehow you will ‘hear’ the sounds. Have a look at a picture of a couple in a forrest like one in the set below. I can guarantee you will be able to ‘hear’ the sounds. Then again, I also believe it’s to do with your state of mind, how you are feeling when you look at a photograph. That same photo can give a sense of peace and stillness where all you can ‘hear’ is silence! Yes, silence also has sound! 🙂

Talking about motion, I have always been curious how photographers can ‘show’ motion in their images. Some use fancy techniques, blur, etc… But the great ones use something more powerful: sequencing and storytelling! A sequence of photographs, laid out properly, nicely composed and with a hook and jab (that big image at the end), will leave you with a complete sense of motion that you wonder if that was a video! Our brain will fill the gaps! Isn’t that amazing?

That is why I love photography so much! There are so many possible interpretations to the same image! It’s just thrilling!  I truly believe still and motion imagery (photography and video – fancy!) are beautiful arts that really complement each other. One can certainly find and make art with both medium and with the power of storytelling, the only limit is the artist’s creativity (or the viewer’s perception!).

Here is a little set of portrait photos I took while attending a workshop in Woking with the great Ed Peers. This is the start of something really beautiful and I would love to share more with you in the months to come!


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